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RU486- For Abortion without Surgical Intervention

Abortion is defined as execution of unexpected pregnancy in females so that the birth of the baby does not take place. There are two methods of abortion that are mentioned below:-

Medical abortion: – It involves use of tablets to induce abortion. One of the most prevalent and established way to do medical abortion is by using RU486. It is favored when the pregnancy is Intrauterine or less than 49 days old.

Surgical abortion: – It involves use of surgical tools and anesthesia. It is usually favored when the pregnancy is ectopic, more than 49 days old or when the abortion using Mifepristone fails.

There are mainly two types of pregnancies that are defined below:-

Ectopic pregnancy: – In this the growth of fetus takes place outside the uterus mainly in Fallopian tube.

Intrauterine or normal pregnancy: – In this the growth of fetus takes place in the uterus of the female.

Abortion done using RU486 is effective only in case of normal pregnancy. It allows women to execute the pregnancy at home within the 49 days of gestation. Take an Ultrasonographic test to confirm the type and time of pregnancy.

If the pregnancy is more than 49 days old, then abortion using Mifepristone may not be effective and surgical intervention may be needed. The time period of the pregnancy or gestation period is calculated from the first day of last menstrual cycle.

RU486 or Mifepristone acts by inhibiting the pharmacological action of progesterone which is responsible for maintenance of pregnancy. It alters the lining of the uterus and helps in the detachment of the fetus from the uterine wall. Its unique mechanism is responsible for the termination of pregnancy in women.

Mifepristone is used in early period of pregnancy. It is also used in the treatment of Cushing’s syndrome in some cases.

Ru486 Mifepristone pills are to be taken as a single dose that constitutes 3 tablets of each 200mg. These tablets should be taken with a glass of water.

RU486 abortion pill

After two days, visit your nearest hospital for the confirmation of abortion. If you are still pregnant then you ought to consume two tablets of Misoprostol (200mcg). It should be taken as orally or vaginally.

After 2 weeks take an Ultrasonographic test for the affirmation of complete abortion.

Before taking RU486, make sure that you are not suffering from certain disorders like blood related disorders, adrenal porphyria, you are not sure about the pregnancy time and location, hypersensitive towards Mifepristone and ectopic pregnancy.

Several adverse effects occurs after abortion like pain in the pelvic region, inflammation of vagina, heavy and painful bleeding from the reproductive organs, stomach pain, nausea, feeling of drowsiness, anxiety, stress, tiredness, cramps and muscle pain, etc.

These side effects of Mifepristone tablet is temporary and patient can get rid from these side effects, once the treatment is over. If any serious side effects occur then contact your health personnel immediately.

 Safety steps should be followed after abortion-

  • Don’t bath in open area and pound as it cause the vagina contamination.
  • Do not insert weapons, tampons into your vagina.
  • Consume healthy and nutritive food after abortion to recover your health.
  • In case of fever and unbearable pain then you can get a single tablet of Ibuprofen.
  • Have iron containing meals to improve the anemia and blood loss.
  • Avoid intercourse for several days to prevent vaginal infection.

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