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MTP Kit: Harmless Approach to End Your Pregnancy

Termination of pregnancy is not an easy decision for a woman, as it affects not affects her psychologically but also imparts an effects physically. Fetus in the womb of woman is also a part of her body that takes nourishment and oxygen because of her mother. But, the decision to remove a body part is like an impossible condition but it happens, if a lady is not prepared for her pregnancy.

Abortion pill is a medicated solution that suitably induces the termination within the womb of the mother, without causing any harm. This is an effective approach that significantly used to replace the surgical abortion.

Approaches to conduct medical abortion: There are various approved oral medications that consumed by a woman to have medicated abortion during the early phase of gestation period. These medications are only helpful to resolve the issues of unexpected pregnancy, if it is taken during the first 49 days. These medications should not be taken after this recommended period; as it produces various undesired effects in the mother and fetus also.

MTP kit is one of the most applicable approach that utilized by number of woman, which successfully provides relief from the unwanted pregnancy by inducing the feticide effects which further eliminates from the body without causing harmful effects. The therapeutic effect of this dosage form looks like a natural miscarriage. 

It is a remarkable product that contains two effective vital ingredients, which is named as Mifepristone and Misoprostol and these ingredients are fall under the two different categories according to their mechanism of action.

Composition of MTP kit: There are two different drugs that presents inside the dosage pack in different amount. Each dosage pack of this medication contains 5 tablets, in which one tablet is Mifepristone (contains 200 mg accurate dose) and 4 tablets of Misoprostol. Each tablet of Misoprostol contains recommended dose of 200 mcg.

Mode of action of MTP kit:

Mifepristone is an amazing formula of anti progesterone derivative, which is utilized to exert inhibitory action against the release of progesterone. This drug stops the activity of underline female hormone, which inhibits the growth and development of fetus by stopping the supply of food, nourishment and oxygen to the fetus to cause fetus death.


Misoprostol is a synthetic derivative, which is considered to take by an individual for conducting expulsion of death fetus from the mother’s womb, in the form of vaginal bleeding. This action exerts by promoting the alteration in cervical and uterine lining, after binding to the prostaglandin receptors. Due to its beneficial effects it is existed in the class of prostaglandin analogue.

Prescribed manner to take MTP kit:

You must take one recommended Mifepristone oral dose, along with an adequate quantity of drinking water. After 2 to 3, you must pursue your dosage regimen with Misoprostol by taking 4 tablets either vaginally or orally, and you must all tablets together. After 14 days, you must go for a medical checkup to confirm about your abortion.

Some undesired conditions, which the medication with this dosage form is contraindicated:

The consumption of this dosage form is not beneficial for woman, who has history of allergic problem to this drug, ectopic pregnancy and bleeding disorders.

Treatment via this dosage form is also not beneficial, if you are taking these drugs along with any anti coagulant drug.

Important information that you should know while using MTP kit:

  • Don’t take this medication, until you are not confirmed about your pregnancy. So, it is beneficial to conduct pregnancy test at least 3 to4 times before using this medication.
  • If you are taking the prostaglandin dose vaginally, then it is beneficial to utilize it with saline water to reduce the risk of having bacterial infections.

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