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Study published For abortion by MTPKIT24 in 2011

  • In 2001 the frequencies of unintended pregnancies were 48 % while there is increment of 1% in unintended pregnancy in 2006.
  • It is found that women who are more than 19 years and younger, more than 4 out of 5 pregnancies were unintended.
  • It has been observed that between 2001 to 2006, the proportion of pregnancies were unintended among teenage girls younger than 15 years is 98%
  • At the same era, the percentage of unintended pregnancies declined from 89% to 79% among teens aged 15–17 years.
  • The percentage of unintended pregnancies among women aged 18 and 19 years is 79% to 83% and from 59% to 64% among women aged 20–24 years.
  • The incidence of unintended pregnancy is higher in case of low educated, low income, and cohabiting women.
  • Most American families want two children. To achieve this, the average woman spends about five years pregnant, postpartum or trying to become pregnant, and three decades—more than three-quarters of her reproductive life—trying to avoid an unintended pregnancy
  • Most individuals and couples want to plan the timing and spacing of their childbearing and to avoid unintended pregnancies, for a range of social and economic reasons. In addition, unintended pregnancy has a public health impact: Births resulting from unintended or closely spaced pregnancies are associated with adverse maternal and child health outcomes, such as delayed prenatal care, premature birth, and negative physical and mental health effects for children
  • The unintended pregnancy rate is significantly higher in the United States than in many other developed countries
  • At least 36% of pregnancies in every U.S. state are unintended. In 28 states and the District of Columbia, more than half of pregnancies are unintended.
  • The states with the highest unintended pregnancy rates in 2010 were Delaware (62 per 1,000 women aged 15–44), Hawaii (61), New York (61) and Maryland (60)
  • Black women had the highest unintended pregnancy rate of any racial or ethnic group. At 79 per 1,000 women aged 15–44, it was more than double that of non-Hispanic white women (33 per 1,000)
  • Women without a high school degree had the highest unintended pregnancy rate among all educational levels (73 per 1,000 women aged 15–44), and rates were lower for women with more years of education.
  • Two-thirds (68%) of U.S. women at risk for unintended pregnancy use contraceptives consistently and correctly throughout the course of any given year; these women account for only 5% of all unintended pregnancies. In contrast, the 18% of women at risk who use contraceptives inconsistently or incorrectly account for 41% of all unintended pregnancies. The 14% of women at risk who do not practice contraception at all or who have gaps of a month or more during the year account for 54% of all unintended pregnancies

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