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RU-486 helps to conclude a mistimed pregnancy

Abortion or pregnancy termination can be described as a therapeutic or induced miscarriage. When you induce an abortion with pills then it is called as medical termination of pregnancy, which can be initiated by any pregnant woman as an independent decision for her unwanted pregnancy. Unintended pregnancy termination is safe and can be privately induced when you take the pills and there will be no need of surgical procedures or hospitalization. The most demanding pill for inducing a safe and private abortion at home is RU-486.

RU-486 is an abortion package of three pills of generic Mifepristone. Each pill of Mifepristone is of 200mg strength. RU-486 is an oral preparation that needs to be taken in a proper prescribe manner to execute a successful abortion of a pregnancy that is lower than 7 weeks or 49 days of gestation with a uterine pregnancy and not an ectopic pregnancy. Mifepristone works by prohibiting the functions of progesterone hormone, which is vital for a pregnancy. When progesterone hormone diminishes, then pregnancy will also end after the detachment of fetus and endometrium lining. The abortion contents will then leaves the body in the form of vaginal bleeding that contains blood clots and dead tissues.

Dosing of RU-486

When a woman decides to terminate her early pregnancy with the help of RU-486 pills, then she has to take three tablets of Mifepristone present in RU-486 brand as a single administration. Pills must be taken without the meal with the help of water. This should be considered as the first day of abortion. After 2-3 days of pill ingestion, visit a nearby physician to have medical checkups for the verification of complete abortion. In some case, the pregnancy left incomplete due to any reason after taking RU-486, means abortion contents are left in the body. In that scenario, a woman has to take two pills of Generic Misoprostol, which will lead to strong uterine contractions for full elimination of abortion contents followed with the medical examination after 2 days to check complete abortion. Misoprostol pills should be taken as a single dose and can be taken via oral route or vaginal insertion.

Some reported effects of abortion with RU-486 include headaches, nausea, back pain, vomiting, abdominal cramps, vaginal bleeding, fatigue, and dizziness. Thus, a woman undergoing an abortion is advised to take proper rest and have a healthy meal so that she can have a fast recovery. Make sure you do not drink alcohol or do smoking or you will have severe side effects. When you decide to take RU-486, do take care that you have not placed with IUD (intrauterine device) or it can interact with the pills. Unwanted pregnancy can happen at any age of fertile window, but RU-486 is not safe for girls under the age of 18 years. Safety of RU-486 is not established in certain conditions of hypersensitivity towards any component of RU-486 and in some medical problems of heart, liver, kidney, blood pressure, and bleeding disorders.

After the abortion, woman body becomes weak and prone to infections. Thus, it is advisable to avoid intercourse until you stop the bleeding or it can cause infections and the chances of pregnancy again. Give proper rest to your body and do not indulge in laborious acts.

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