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Korlym pills- An easy executable way to terminate an unneeded pregnancy

Parenthood is a matter for both the partners and is not the only responsibility of women. Motherhood has a different experience while fatherhood is different that makes you feel parenthood. Thus, in case if, you are a woman and your partner is not coordinating with you in the pregnancy in any manner due to any reason then it does not give you that immense pleasure of parenthood. Give a birth to that child who is with the acceptance of you both else, the child will further suffer. In case you are also dealing with the same gestation situation, then it is of no use to continue. If you have already taken the decision to eliminate that part of your body so that you can give birth to a happy child with the acceptance of the partner, then you should go for the use of Korlym pills. Use of Korlym abortion pills helps you to execute your decision of abortion in a private, safe, and easy manner that you can do even at your home.

Korlym pills-

Korlym is a brand name for Generic abortion pills known as Mifepristone. Korlym is a pack of three pills of Mifepristone with the 200mg strength of each tablet. Korlym is effective as an abortion option for the case of early pregnancy of not more than 7 weeks or 49days. Korlym pills lead to the loss of pregnancy when you do not want that gestation and so unwanted.

Progesterone is a vital hormone to maintain and continue a pregnancy. Thus, Korlym (Mifepristone) acts against this hormone and inhibit its functionality. This will cause the constraint of nutritional supplementation to the growing fetus and lead to its detachment with the uterine lining that signifies the end of pregnancy or abortion. Later to this, the abortion contents have to be expelled out from the female body for the completion of the abortion process.

Dosing schedule of Korlym-

Korlym brand contains three pills of Mifepristone. Thus, when a woman is opting for abortion with Korlym, then she has to consume all the three pills in a single administration by engulfing the pills through the oral route without taking any meal. You will start to have abdominal cramps, vaginal bleeding heavy than normal, drowsiness, back pain, headache, vomiting, nausea, or tiredness because of abortion with Korlym. After 2 days of taking Korlym pill, you should visit a healthcare provider for having a medical examination to check completion of abortion. If due to any reason, the abortion contents are left inside the body, then you have to take two pills of Misoprostol generic either with the oral route or via vaginal route followed with medical checkup to verify the complete abortion.

Safety measures to be considered while using Korlym pills-

Carefulness must be considered in medical conditions of bleeding disorder, ectopic pregnancy, heart, blood pressure condition, hypersensitivity issues to any element of Korlym pills, or lactation. Therefore, it is suggested to avoid alcohol and smoking habits while undergoing an abortion with Korlym pills. Do not take Korlym if you have not removed IUD in case you are using it. Girls below the age of 18 years are not supposed to take Korlym pills because of unsuitable age and exaggerated side effects of the pill.

Take a healthy nutritious diet and proper rest for fast recovery. Doing heavy tasks such as lifting heavy objects is never suggested for few weeks after the abortion. Unless you recover from abortion consequences, make sure you take precaution with contraception or try to avoid physical contact as it may cause infections.

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