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MTP Kit is an Effective Way to Wipe out Unwanted Gestation

Wipe out Unwanted Gestation with mtp kit

An unwanted or unintentional pregnancy or birth may affect the life of a woman, the couple, the child and the rest of the family. Various studies have specially revealed that women with an unwanted pregnancy are at a bigger risk for suffering negative health consequences during and after an unwanted pregnancy. Unwanted pregnancy has constantly confirmed in several studies to be one of the main threats connected with the development of depression during pregnancy. There are certain concerns that affect the women with unwanted pregnancy such as low socioeconomic status, the absence of a partner, low educational level, drug abuse or the presence of violence, so in these cases, the continuation of a pregnancy is putting mental or physical health at risk. Women who do not feel psychologically or socially equipped to be a mother may suffer from severe anxiety and depressive reactions. Therefore, the simple perception of bearing an unwanted pregnancy to term becomes a kind of emotional or physical torture for many women. Women who are a witness of such painful situation may get relief from their unwanted pregnancy by executing an abortion.

In many cases, a safe and secure abortion can relieve the physical or mental stress coupled with an unwanted pregnancy. Women can safely conclude their pregnancy with MTP Kit in a confidential way. MTP Kit is a most recommended medication for the annihilation of an early pregnancy of 9 weeks of gestation. MTP Kit encloses two FDA-approved generic drugs called Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

Mifepristone blocks the activity of Progesterone hormone that inhibits the further development of a fetus. It helps in the shedding of uterine wall that causes detachment of a fetus from the mother’s womb due to the removal of a fetus from the uterine wall. It also causes the dilation and softening of the cervix for the easy expulsion of a fetus from the mother’s womb. Misoprostol (a prostaglandin analog) induces vigorous contraction of the endometrial wall that causes evacuation of the mother’s womb with the expulsion of a fetus along with blood clots out of the mother’s womb.

A pack of MTP Kit contains one Mifepristone tablet (200mg) and four Misoprostol tablets (200mg). On day one, a woman should ingest one Mifepristone pill orally on an empty stomach, with sufficient amount of water. One day three, she has to take four Misoprostol pills (each 200mcg) either orally or vaginally. On the fourteenth day, she has to follow with a clinical visit for the final confirmation of an abortion.

The common undesired effects are reported with the use of MTP Kit such as stomach cramps, nausea, exhaustion, dizziness, vaginal bleeding or discharge, vomiting, and back pain.

Be attentive!

  • Do not use MTP Kit to execute an abortion if you have an ectopic pregnancy or have a pregnancy of more than 9 weeks of gestation.
  • If you are using an intrauterine device, then you must remove it before executing an abortion with MTP Kit.
  • Keep away from the intake of alcohol, grapefruits or grape juices while executing an abortion with MTP Kit.
  • You are advised to consume healthy nutritious diets during and after an abortion in order to recover, the losses occurred during an abortion.

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