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Defiance Your Unwanted Pregnancy Using Abortion Pills

Abortion Pill

Abortion is the method of terminating the pregnancy outside the womb using any method. Nowadays, termination of pregnancy with abortion pills or medical termination is common and widely accepted throughout the world. In this method of pregnancy, the chances of pain are very less, as the woman do not need to go through any surgical process. Using the abortion pill the termination of pregnancy can be done of up to nine weeks from the last day of the menstrual period. Medical method of termination is safe, effective and successful.

Usually, abortion pills are made up of generic Mifepristone and Misoprostol as the active ingredient. Generic Mifepristone is marketed under different brand names such as RU-486, Mifeprex, Korlym, and Mifegyne and Misoprostol are being marketed under the brand of Cytotec. The combination of Generic Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills are available in the name of MTP KIT. Generic Misoprostol implies its therapeutic action by interacting with prostaglandin receptors. It softens the cervix; contract the uterus, therefore elimination of the uterine contents and dead cells from fetus takes place. Mifepristone produces action by hindering the consequence of a hormone known as progesterone that creates an environment to continue the pregnancy.

Method of administration and dosing regimen:

Abortion with Mifepristone: The brands of Mifepristone pills (200mg) are used via mouth with a full glass of water. It encloses three pills take all the tablets as a single dose on the first day then after two days consult the doctor for proof of abortion. If abortion is not a success, then you are recommended to take two tablets of Misoprostol and you have to remain for two days after that go to the doctor for the confirmation of termination of pregnancy.

Abortion with Misoprostol (200mcg): Cytotec own 12 tablets of Misoprostol that should be ingested in three divided doses, administer four tablets with a gap of 3 to 4 hours in between two dosages. You have to use this medication orally with an enormous amount of water. Subsequent to two days, go to the doctor for verification of termination of pregnancy.

Abortion with MTP Kit: MTP kit is composed of one tablet of generic Mifepristone and four tablets of Misoprostol. For the termination of unwanted pregnancy, take one tablet of Mifepristone (200mg) on the first day, subsequently, after one to two days consume four tablets of Misoprostol (200mcg) and remain for 14 days. After 14 days, discuss with the doctor to confirm the termination of pregnancy.

Precautionary measures while using abortion pills:

  • Never administer this medication if you allergic to abortion pills and any ingredient or suffering from liver and kidney disorder, a severe blood disorder, and cardiac disorder.
  • Give off the intake of abortion pills if a woman has an ectopic pregnancy (fetus outside the womb) or pregnancy more than 9 weeks.
  • Omit use of alcohol and uplifting heavy objects while taking the medication and you should take healthy and nutritious diet for fast revival.

Possible side effects: While taking the medication some extent of scary effects may likely to appear such as drowsiness, dizziness, body ache, vomiting, abdominal cramps, muscle pain, headache, pelvic pain, cramps, pain, nausea, pelvic and inflammation of the vagina, white discharge from the vagina, fever, and nausea. 

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