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Declutter Your Unwanted Pregnancy from the Womb by MTP Kit

Pregnancy is a phase that makes the women complete and opens the doorway for her to relive her childhood again. A newborn child in the home brings lots of happiness and everyone in home forgets their pain when they see the child smiling, playing, sleeping or even crying too. A child is a warehouse to positive energy and happiness but only when it is conceived from your partner or lover with your complete consent. It’s really troublesome for women to accept pregnancy conceived by mistake or due to the failure of preventive measures or no precaution or by forceful incest or molestation. The reason to this is that she was not mentally prepared for the same or as per her, the time is not correct for her to become pregnant as she might be at the top notch of her career when she conceived by the fault. It took many years continuous efforts and dedication to be in frontrunner position and she cannot compromise as she has nurtured her career like a baby, toiled for it day and night by putting loads of efforts just to attain that respect that usually men think as their right.

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Women of today’s era are very competitive and skilled and have high-quality brains to take prime decision for their better future. They are well aware of the medical methods available in the market to lose their accidental or unwanted pregnancy, which they realize mostly after the abstinence of their monthly periods. A study reports that women of the age between 25-28 years go maximum abortion and that too by using abortion pills that are MTP Kit.

The two different generic medications present in the kit are Mifepristone (200mg) and Misoprostol (200mcg). Mifepristone should be consumed by the women orally with water on an empty stomach and then after 36 hours have to intake all 4 pills of Misoprostol either sublingually or by placing the same deep inside their vagina. Abortion by this method can be done the maximum to gestation age of 9 weeks.

Mifepristone role is to inhibit the surge of progesterone hormone that supplies oxygen, nutrition, and blood to the fetus. Due to inhibition of hormone, the uterine lining to which the fetus was attached gets degraded and the fetus becomes dead. Misoprostol on the other induces strong contractile motions inside the uterus, which assists debris mass to evacuate out of the uterus and be wiped off from the soft and dilated opening of the cervix.

Malicious effects that women might get after consuming MTP Kit pills are flushing, queasiness, headache, trembling in muscles, sore throat, fast breath, intense pain in lower abdomen, chills, fever, weakness and mood swings.

Precautions that women should take to prevent herself from the weird side effects are restrained herself from the consumption of alcohol, tobacco smoke, intense physical exercise or weight lifting or involvement in the sensual activity. Women should consume a healthy diet and fresh fruit juice and must take rest for few days but keep one thing in mind that MTP Kit cannot be taken for flushing ectopic pregnancy and they must not forget to take out their IUD from the vagina prior purring the medicines inside her vagina.

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