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RU-486 Helps in Successful and Pain-Free Termination of Gestation

When you conceive and decide for an abortion, it is surprising for all those near you. There would arise thoughts in their mind that why she is going for an abortion? Having an abortion is thought to be an evil act. But a woman has some reasons for termination. She will not abort her child without any justified basis. There are possibilities that she may have poor health that she could not support her child. She may be a single mother or financially not strong. Whatever be the cause, if she has decided for an abortion then she should be supported. There are many drugs available in the market for termination but among them, all RU-486 is safe for a medical termination. This medication is proved to be the best for the abortion of less than seven weeks. It can be done at ease at home without any pain. Before it gets late use RU-486 and get rid of your unwanted pregnancy. It is important that you need to have termination only after doctor permission.

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RU-486 (Generic Mifepristone) concludes your fetus of less than seven weeks or less (days counted from the first day of your last menstrual period). Mifepristone (a progesterone blocker) works by making a hindrance in progesterone action. Progesterone is released inside the body and keeps your fetus living by supplying proper nutrition. Mifepristone acts by blocking in progesterone action and thereby blocks the supply of nutrition towards growing fetus, that ultimately causes the death of the fetus. RU-486 is available in tablet form.

RU-486 has the sum number of three pills and each tablet is of 200 mg dosing strength. For complete termination action, use the procedure accordingly. At the initial stage, you need to use three Mifepristone pills as a single dose at a time by the oral route with water. After taking it, you should keep waiting for some time. On the day third, visit your physician or go to the nearby hospital with your ultrasound reports to get confirmation of your abortion. If this abortion has failed then you are needed to use an additional two tablets of Misoprostol each of 200 mcg dosing strength via an oral or vaginal route as a single dose. Visit the doctor after 14 days gap to confirm your abortion.

Do not consume if you have any renal disorder, hepatic diseases, and heart ailment. RU-486 should be ceased in an ectopic pregnancy, if you have put intrauterine devices, if you are also using anticoagulants; if you are suffering from porphyria and adrenal gland problem. RU-486 should not be used, when have hyper allergies to this drug. After having an abortion with RU-486, use fresh fruit juices to balance the losses. Stop taking grapefruit juice when you have to undergo an abortion with RU-486, as it raises the after effects.

Common sick effects with RU-486 are giddiness, fast heart rate, weakness, vaginal discomfort, light-headedness, tiredness, heavy vaginal bleeding, stomach problem, sickness, or sluggishness.

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