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Terminate Untimed, Unexpected and Unnecessary Pregnancy with MTP Kit

Some pregnancies are untimed, unplanned and unwanted at the time of conception. Uninvited pregnancy generally happens due to lack or failure of contraception. Most girls don’t want to continue this type of pregnancy due to lack of financial or emotional support.

Let’s discuss the consequences if a girl continues her unwanted pregnancy:

  • Effect of unwanted pregnancy is different on different age group like teenage woman suffer from high levels of tension that can lead to mental health concerns.
  • A teenage mother does not complete her higher levels of education and thus results in their income over time.

Carrying a baby and becoming a mother is not so easy. It creates physical as well as mental changes. Young mothers face added stress from sleepless nights, arranging childcare, making doctor’s appointments, attempting to finish high school.

abortion with mtp kit

Sometimes unwanted pregnancy makes a woman experience swings, anxiety, and sadness, overwhelm difficulty in concentrating, trouble in eating, and difficulty in sleeping after the delivery.

If a woman does not want to be a mother and if the uninvited pregnancy comes in her life she shatters and completely depressed at that time she makes her mind for undergoing an abortion.

If it comes to an abortion, it of two types known as surgical and medical abortion. Most women do not prefer to undergo surgical procedure due to its painful route of administration. They prefer to choose MTP Kit as a safer and effective method.

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MTP Kit means medical termination of pregnancy. This kit encloses two important generic drugs known as Mifepristone and Misoprostol. You can use this kit at any place you want and terminate your pregnancy of 9 weeks of gestation. This kit is available at a very reasonable rate in comparison to cost of a surgical procedure so it can be easily affordable by every woman of any class.

Mifepristone has a property of inhibiting progesterone hormone. Progesterone hormone is essential for the continuation of pregnancy. Inhibition of this hormone causes a disconnection of supply of nutrients and other important requirements required for a baby. Thus a fetus dies. Other medicine Mifepristone induces uterine contractions and causes the removal of dead abortion contents in the form of blood clots and bleeding from the vagina.

MTP kit is a packet of total five pills in which one tablet of Mifepristone (200mg) and four tablets of Misoprostol (200mcg).

1st Day: Take a single pill of Mifepristone via an oral route on an empty stomach with a colossal amount of water.

3rd Day: 4 pills of Misoprostol are administered at once via the vaginal or oral route.

14th day: Go to your nearest hospital for ultrasonography for the confirmation of abortion.

Commonly reported side effects of MTP Kit include heavy vaginal bleeding, cramping, queasiness, sickness, diarrhea, lightheadedness, backside pain, and tiredness. After passing for some time, these side effects will pass soon.

Be attentive!

  • A woman after inducing abortion with MTP Kit is not liable to consume alcohol as it may worsen the side effects associated with MTP Kit.
  • If you are already using the intrauterine device, then remove intrauterine device firstly then induce abortion with MTP Kit.
  • You are warned not to involve in any intimacy task as it may enhance the chances of vaginal infection.
  • MTP Kit is highly prohibited to use in case of ectopic pregnancy.

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